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Research-based solutions

For over 20 years, NBCH has supported its coalition members in advancing value-based purchasing (VBP) with employers in their local communities. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge products to coalitions and employers, we conducted research to identify the extent to which health metrics and data are understood, used, and driving decisions. We found that purchasers are highly motivated to adopt effective strategies to help them improve the quality and control the cost of care for their employers, but they lacked the tools to do so. Based on this feedback, NBCH created the new web-based product, ValuePort™.

What is ValuePort?

ValuePort consists of three tools: a calculator to identify and prioritize areas to improve employee health and realize costs savings for 12 of the most prevalent health risks and chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and depression; customized analysis of the employer's progress in adopting value-driven health benefit practices; and evidence-based strategies to improve employee health and ultimately reduce costs. Paired with support from their local business health coalition, employers can use the ValuePort platform as a sustainable model for more strategic health benefits planning.

Why are Coalitions using ValuePort?

NBCH has conducted pilot testing with seven coalitions to gather feedback during the development phase of ValuePort. While there are many benefits to coalitions using this platform, the most commonly noted by the pilots include:
  • Opportunity to engage more directly with existing employer members, providing a deeper understanding of individual and aggregate employer needs and reinforcing their value of coalition membership.
  • Provide valuable resource to employer members only available through coalition membership.
  • Access to coalition staff training and skill development specific to data, consulting, meeting facilitation, and specific evidence-based employer strategies.
  • Opportunity to promote work of coalition and employer champions, and be recognized as a leader in value-based purchasing.

How to get started?

Beginning in November 2013, ValuePort is available for license to any NBCH member coalition. We anticipate that it will be available to other designated stakeholder groups in 2014.

If you are a NBCH member coalition considering ValuePort as a solution in your market, the first step is to contact NBCH to express interest and gain additional information. Our goal is to help you succeed by ensuring you have everything you need to carry out execution with employer members. This may include resources listed in this guide, new materials, or upcoming educational opportunities. Additionally, NBCH staff is available to offer guidance and input as you define how this may fit your market. Contact support@nbch.org for more information.

If you are not a NBCH member coalition but would like more information about ValuePort, please contact Alejandra Herr to learn more about opportunities to get involved.

ValuePort Partnership Opportunities

Partner with NBCH to maximize exposure and build relationship with the business community. Your support of ValuePort will assist employer efforts to improve health and transform value-based health care. Review the available
2014 ValuePort Partnership Opportunities and contact support@nbch.org with any questions.

Additional information about ValuePort